Posted by: Kristy | January 28, 2010

Stuff Christians Like

At some point, I want to share my opinions of books, music, and movies that I enjoy (and probably some I don’t).  Today I want to encourage you to buy a book that will not be released until April.  No, I didn’t get a sneak peek, and I can’t share any details (because I don’t really have any).

What I can tell you is that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Jon Acuff’s “Stuff Christians Like” community for the last year and a half.  Jon is a hilarious blogger, who also takes the time to get at the heart of Christian life.  Yes, we side-hug life fiends (you know you do it), and we all know worship leaders that wear unnecessary scarves and skinny jeans.  Jon’s observations about our faith and culture are uncanny.

Mondays through Saturdays are full of fun, and Wednesdays are reserved for issues of the heart.  Self-doubt, fear, pride, and many, many other topics are covered on Serious Wednesdays.  Jon tackles all areas of Christian life, from singleness to parenthood, VBS to Sunday School, youth ministry, worship, preaching, you name it, you’ll probably find it at Stuff Christians Like.

Over the Christmas season, Jon and his faithful followers raised $60,000 in less than two months ($30,000 was raised in less than 24 hours) to build elementary schools in Vietnam.  In the midst of the holidays and a recession, a community of strangers with a common bond banded together to help other strangers half way around the world.  Now, that same community is banding together to help their fearless leader.

The Mission:  Pre-order a copy of the Stuff Christians Like book from

The goal:  Get the Stuff Christians Like book into the top 10 of Amazon’s 100 Bestseller’s list by the end of Friday (1/29).

We’re a community.  If people are gathering in one place, even if that place is a blog, we are a community.  Let’s come together and help a fellow community member reach his goal.

P.S.  Visit Jon at


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